Friday, January 20, 2017

"Christendom Adjusts Itself Far Too Easily to the Worship of Power": Theological Bases for Resistance in the Trump Era

And so right now a large portion of the American Evangelical Church sits pretty, believing itself victorious; momentarily giddy at its spoils, gloating in its apparent advantage, and oblivious to the cost. 
The cost, is that the Church itself, though winning this political battle has lost the greater war for its humanity and its dignity. It has been fully separated from its namesake. It is no longer synonymous with Jesus. It is no longer good news for the poor, the marginalized, the hurting, the downtrodden. It is an exclusive brothel where power lusting white Christians fornicate freely. 
The Evangelical Church is no longer a brilliant beacon of God's love in a dark place, it is simply another building upon which Donald Trump will slap his name, exploit for a bit, and eventually abandon, leaving behind lots of people hurting who are broken and bankrupt.

Singing Songs of Resistance: I Will Not Go Back As Trump Presidency Seeks to Pull My Nation Back While Right-Wing White Christians Applaud

Ruthless exploitative capitalism has decisively unmasked itself now as a deeply anti-human force, as it colludes with white ethnonationalism and right-wing Christianity to dismantle liberal democracy throughout the world. The election of Donald Trump is one result of this collusion.

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Alan McCornick and "Boomerang Back to Conservative Causes" of Gay Catholic Theologian David Berger: Why the Boomerang?

A day or so ago, I mentioned that I'd have a few words to say about an important posting Alan McCornick made at his Hepzibah blog recently. This is a rich and wide-ranging report-cum-meditation on issues as diverse as the role of religion in global politics today, the perceived battle between Christianity and Islam, the rise of ethnocentric nationalism in Europe and North America, and the place of LGBT people and questions about LGBT rights as all of this takes place.

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Continuing Moral Witness: Churches and Their Apologists Offer Language of Healing in Face of Trump Presidency. We Need Language of Resistance.

Things I have read Trump supporters/apologists saying on social media today: